Lafite & Margaux fight wine fraud

Chateau Lafite is to tackle counterfeiting of its famous brand by adopting the “bubble seal” system created by Prooftag.

The initiative means that all bottles from the 2009 vintage, and all bottles of Carruades de Lafite from the 2010 vintage of this legendary brand will carry the seal, which is applied to the bottle neck and incorporates a unique code linked with a 13 character code.

This seal will also be applied to bottles of earlier vintages released from the Chateau after the initial announcement in February 2012. From then on “all bottles labelled in the cellars will be equipped with the authentication seal, whatever the vintage concerned”, according to the Chateau.

The length wine producers will go to in order to prevent fraud is further demonstrated by similar measures at Chateau Margaux who also use a Prooftag security strip.

The strip runs between the capsule and the bottle, and has a reference number and a unique pattern, both of which can be tracked on Chateau Margaux’s website.

 Breaking the seal destroys the capsule, ensuring it cannot be used again.

 This move comes in addition to existing anti-fraud measures employed by the estate, such as a laser-etched bottle, a vintage-specific bottle mould, individually numbered and bar coded bottles and cases, and special ink used on the labels and foil.

Margaux director Paul Pontallier has spoken of the need to authenticate wines in decades to come.